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START 25 taking me to a whole different city 170 miles away

Yesterday TomTom wasted 6 hours of my time and more than $70 worth of gas when it took me to Los Angeles, CA suburb instead of Ridgecrest, CA city center about 170 miles away, what is going on with TomTom? I took Google direction and when I got there more than 6 hours later on my vacation day and chose 'where am I' on Tomtom, it recognized the city correctly as Ridgecrest, what is wrong with Tomtom? Anything in particular happened on Jul 18th, 2021 that may impact navigation of Tomtom devices especially Start 25?

Add to that, the same device took me to the same city with no issues about 2 years ago. It may help you troubleshooting by stating I did some updates to the map between then and now.


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 939 [Revered Pioneer]
    do you use map 1070 on device
  • BobEneinBobEnein Posts: 4 [New Seeker]
    edited July 20
    I will have to check for 1070 but shouldn't the standard US map cover this area? I think it may have as I stated since this wasn't an issue 2 years ago or so when I was in that area.
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