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My Routes menu option missing in Android Auto

When using Tomtom Navigation Go in Android Auto there is no option in the main menu to select "My Routes".
I have to take my phone go into My Routes and select the route. The the route is selected in Android Auto and can start riding.
I think there is no way to add My Routes in Android Auto.


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,394 Moderator
    edited July 20
    Hi @BertAT

    Correct, the 'My Routes' option is not available on Android Auto. The Android Auto template allows limited space to 6 items in the menus so I doubt it'll ever get added.

    Best, lampard
  • BertATBertAT Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    I think that is not an Android Auto imposed limit. Other apps show longer menus like the Google Settings in Android Auto or an app like Musicolet where I can chose out of thousends of numbers or Albums to play.

    And if it is a limit, why can't you configure what you want?
    As a retiree Driving to Work is a option I never going to use.
    And I use Android Auto on my motorcycle, so looking for a parking is also an oprion I will never need.
  • szachowaszachowa Posts: 338
    Hi @BertAT , it is limitation from AA car app library that we use, check:

    Feel free to leave a comment in a ticket that we reported to Google.
  • BertATBertAT Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    What about the suggestion to solve the issue by making the 6 items configurable?
  • szachowaszachowa Posts: 338
    BertAT wrote: »
    What about the suggestion to solve the issue by making the 6 items configurable?

    This is great suggestion actually, I will report it for us to consider it as a future app improvement.
    Thank you.
  • BertATBertAT Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Thanks for the consideration.
    It can be done easily, you know that you can move around the menu items in the normal TomTom Go Navigation app, not using Android Auto.
    You could display the first 6 configured items in Android Auto.
    That way you do not have think about a way to configure it, just describe that the first 6 items will be shown in Android Auto.
    (And of course program that you do not display 6 fixed items, but the first 6 configured items.)
  • szachowaszachowa Posts: 338
    Reported for us improvement to consider it in the future: GONAV-3837
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