Why does the ride time change when I upload a route onto my Rider 400/410 SatNav?

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I planned a route on the MyDriveConnect app on my tablet which gave a ride time of 9hrs 52 minutes. Having uploaded the route onto my Rider 400/410 the ride time changed to 11hrs 50 minutes. This caused a problem as I was taking part in a rally with a 12 hour time limit and I needed those two hours to make stops to take photographs, top up with petrol etc and the problem cost me a considerable number of places in the final rankings (annoying). Why did he SatNav add two hours to my ride time?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @RobbieRider
    Welcome to the community! Was there any time difference between planning the route in MyDrive app and loading it on the RIDER.
    Usually the travel duration could change considering the traffic situations and road incidents at that point of time.

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    Hi, Vikram,

    I uploaded the route onto my RIDER a day or two after planning the route but I don't think that the problem was down to traffic conditions - the roads that I travelled over were largely rural and I encountered very little heavy traffic during my ride. Interestingly I spoke with a fellow rider who experienced exactly the same problem, however he used a different navigation software via his mobile phone. Could this be a wider GPS issue? (Incidentally we both had the same problem at that point - a 2 hour ride to our hotels after 12 hours riding in the heat last weekend....).