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What happened to all of the Celebrity Voices (like from the Simpsons, Family Guy, Star Wars, etc...) from the Voices section? When I was planning on buying Darth Vader's voice over for my navigation device, I see that they're no longer there (unless they're in a different section of the Web site). If anyone has a great answer about it, let me know, OK? Thank you for anyone who answer this question.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Hova
    Welcome to the community!
    All celebrity/paid voices have been discontinued, hence they have been removed from our webshop.

  • Stevo1512
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    Can we please have the celebrity voices back please? Like ozzy osbourne
  • CatMom
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    Very bummed. I paid for Billy Connolly, but he didn't transfer to my new unit.