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Paid for my device 11 days ago, it has not arrived, no record of it on the website?

toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
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Paid for my device 11 days ago, It has not arrived, no record of it on the website?
The TomTom website is horrific when it comes to actually making real-time contact with a person.
My travels are held up as I await this device. Knowing what I know now I would have bought a garmin instead.

Someone at TomTom needs to sort this out for me, as legal action is next.

I'll start with The Australian Dept of Fair Trade & follow their advice.


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,232 Moderator
    Hi @toohandy
    Welcome to the community! Our customer service team can review the order/shipment status and advise accordingly.

    Helpful link

  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Thank you for your reply Vikram.
    I tried to follow one of the links you posted, which gave me a requester with a limited path of options. I went & signed in & looked at the orders option & it said I had no orders.
    Somehow I think that there is an identity problem going on here. (& god this website is bad!)

    I just tried to contact again & using the same panel, I wrote my message & posted it, it turned into hypertext in the panel & then told me that my message failed.

    I think at this point I'm fed up enough to request a refund. If it is at all possible. Now I know why the freight was free...

    This is the worst on-line purchase experience that I have ever had.
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    OK, I'm starting to get a little more understanding of what may be going on here:
    There is NO phone contact between tomtom & their customers.
    There is ONLY contact via the web page(s).
    Part of the reason the web page is so flakey is that it is overwhelmed (due to covid?).
    I can't send an email to accounts department re. tomtom's failure to supply.
    I can't send an email to accounts department to cancel my order & get a refund.
    I already thought this was the worst on-line purchase experience before I undertood more about how BAD it is.
    Am I really going to have to go to the dept of fair trade? What a pain.
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    This web site needs to be sorted out so that customers can communicate with tomtom when they have a problem. The methods currently available are failing. This MUST be remedied as tomtom is failing to meet its legal responsibilities. You can't enter into a contract & then fail to deliver.
    The vendor can't choose to close a working communication channel & then provide an alternative that does NOT function.
    Saying it does, does not make it so.
    I can't talk to anyone in tomtom about the product that I have paid for & tomtom has failed to deliver. This is a $700 problem, so I'm not going to shut up & go away.
    I can't talk to anyone in tomtom about the possibility of getting my money back due to my dissatisfaction with the service provided my tomtom. No product, no complaints department, no accounts department, no dispatch department, & apparently no website maintenance & development department.
    Give me my paid for products or my money back.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,267
    Hi @toohandy

    Try the following to get to Chat. It is particularly important that you sign in on the second page even although you were signed in in previous page.

    There are no phone lines working because so many are working from home because of Covid.

    Try the following Monday to Friday working hours.:-

    Tap Support at the top of this page
    You then have to Sign in Top Right of next Page. (you have to do this)
    When signed in then Tap Contact Us bottom right
    Help Box appears and after a few seconds Get in Touch also appears in the box.
    Tap Get in Touch
    You are now offered Chat. If Chat is closed, ie its not normal working hours Mon/Fri, it will tell you the hours that it will be available.

    Chat is busy you may have to try a few times.

    If it does not work exactly as described then try another Web Browser.

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    Thanks DougLap for your reply.
    I'm travelling, far from home currently so things aren't as easy as they could be re. IT stuff. I'll do what I can.
    Beyond that, I'm in Australia, so that is likely another problem when it comes to chat times between me & tomtom.
    Tomorrow my bike gets serviced (all day is the booking) I'll see what I can do after that, now it is bed time.
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Who's working hours?
    Australia or the US?
    If the US, what are the working hours in relation to Oz time, east & west US make a difference?
    Hmm, I'll go & try the DougLap instructions, though I have done that at least twice before.
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
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    No, I just get cycled, I can't even get to that useless feedback path & process that gave me hypertext last time I got to use it yesterday.
    Why is it MY RESPONSIBILITY to contact tomtom when they are the ones that have my money & my products? This is wrong so wrong.
    The computer is not mine, I am not at home, I can't change their computer, there is no public computer facility around here. You guys are making it seem like it is my responsibility to go & buy a computer (whilst travelling on a motorbike) so that I can get you to give me service. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    I jump up & down & no one gives a hoot, cause they got my money & no one cares about the customer's rights. If this was a hundred dollars I'd just say #### ## & go & buy a Garmin. But this is $700- that at this point has been stolen from me.
    Someone had better fix this problem. I'm so peeved at you guys.
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    I tried to follow DougLap's instructions & could not even access the page where I'm supposed to be able to give feedback. Yesterday I could, not that it would work as it is supposed to.
    This is all WRONG. It is not my responsibility to have to go & buy a computer because the one I'm using won't work as you tell me it is supposed to. I'm travelling in country australia, I can't modify the computer that I am allowed to use. So therefore you get to keep my $700- & my ordered products & its MY fault because you turned off your phone & email support & left us with a broken web site.
    Someone had better contact me personally & fix this problem up, because at this point tomtom are being theives.
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    No answers, no help, just left with no product, no useful support, no functioning means of contact with the company & robbed by tomtom of my $700-.
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Why has my thread been moved to pre-sales if I have paid my money on the 8th of July 2021? That's 12 days ago as I write this.
    I do look forward to someone from TomTom actually talking to me & resolving this mess that they have made that has stopped me in my tracks for so many days. They said on the website when I did the transaction that shipment happens within 2 days & that they had stock?
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,232 Moderator
    Hi @toohandy
    You are trying to ask for help on a public forum where users help users.
    TomTom support is available over LIVE chat during working hours, or you can send an email.

    If you keep re-directing to the forum from our support pages, then that is a known bug(reported to the team).

    In that case, I would suggest that you open the link in a different bowser or a private/incognito window.

    Moved your topic to the RIDER board.

  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
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    Thanks for your reply Vikram.
    Which country's business hours am I dealing with? UK, US, Australia...?
    All I get in the URL is which tells me it is the English language board but not which country.

    & yes, when I open that link you provided, it bounces me quickly through 3 pages I think to the support forum.
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    I got to another computer, win10 with Edge browser. It worked & I was told that Aus Post has had some kind of outage & that my products would be shipped at the end of this week.
    I don't believe that story.
    I believe that the TomTom inventory of at least my 550 was empty in this country & "just in time" stocking (at its worst) is being used. (This is likely what is happening with all products that are online orders only, I can never know for sure.)
    Anyway, we'll see how much longer it takes for me to get my products. I expect in the end it will take a total of ~24 days to get what was supposed to be shipped in 2 days.

    Also, I think that TomTom support should make it VERY clear which web browsers & operating systems it supports (will actually function with) at the earliest possible stage in the support process. It will make the moderators; SU's & associated people's jobs more pleasant (apart from the poor frustrated & beleaguered user, who's in new territory & desperately trying to get some help & resolve their problem).
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    I just checked my email & noticed that I have a notification from TomTom that my products are on their way (& now I have a tracking number).

    The Aus Post problem that I was told would take until the end of this week to remedy must have been resolved much more quickly, just for me...
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    As mentioned multiple times above - I purchased $700- worth of physical products on the 8th or July 2021. Today is the 30th of July 2021 & I have still NOT received these two products?

    The ability to communicate with the TomTom company is all but nonexistent.

    My travel plans have been, & are frozen until the motorcycle GPS (& lock) arrive. I have been locked into staying at a friend's house in a different state of the country I live in for weeks longer than I would have been, due to the bumbling & inefficient handling of my order by TomTom.

    Unfortunately, the supply of any motorcycle GPS made by either TomTom or Garmin is via the internet ONLY - in Australia at least. So purchasers are trapped into having to deal with, & rely upon, this dreadfully broken system of online purchase that is followed by the supposed supply of the ordered & paid-for goods. With the near impossibility to communicate with the company thrown in for good measure. (When I did manage to communicate with "TomTom", I believe I was dealing with a call centre located in India.)

    I can not believe how poor the service has been from TomTom. I will bad-mouth them until the end of my days... :angry:
  • toohandytoohandy Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Surprise, surprise, surprise!
    The parcel from TomTom with my 550 GPS & anti-theft lock, arrived late this afternoon.
    How about that?
    Now I can set about belatedly continuing my travels after this unexpected >3 week delay.
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