Issue - lots of speed limit errors

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I have been using TomTom devices since when they first produced dedicated stand-alone devices. In the last couple of years, I have noticed that the number of errors in UK speed limits has rocketed. It used to be very rare to experience a speed limit error; now I typically find 2-5 errors in every journey of (say) 20-30 miles. This becomes intensely irritating when, as I do, you have the "warn me when exceeding the speed limit" feature switched on. You are either given lots of unnecessary warnings, or warnings that should be given are missed.


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    TomTom management need to do a lot of work with improving speed limit accuracy
    Most of them are out of date
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    No, it's ridiculous to say that "most" speed limits were out of date - that would make it totally unusable. But enough are out of date for it to be a major irritation and a major decrease in product quality - - and it's getting worse. Do TomTom staff monitor these discussions for bug reports and suggestions?