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Hey! I do not know about this place to address my wish, but when you go to mapshare and want to go on a road and change then it is the wrong speed to what it says on the sign, and you click on the road and it becomes highlighted, then it is very difficult to see how long the highlight will be when it ends up off the screen.

Both on the computer and in the browser on the mobile, the selection disappears when you take your finger or mouse to drag the map sideways.

I wish the selection remained to make it easier to see that you did the right thing as long as you did not click send.

It will be easier to see when you zoom out to see if it is correct.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Gunnars40
    I will send this feedback across to the MapShare team to be reviewed.

    Thank you,
  • Megalos
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    Hi @Gunnars40, you can set the starting and end point of a speed limit (with the flags). That will help to explain the stretch where the correction applies. The highlights that are shown are not used for this purpose I think, they seem a bit random sometimes. It's better to describe the start and end points using the text field, or by using the start and end flags.