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Its impossible on a 6200 to end a route on the display bottom right button. If your in or near a speed camera zone as it removes it in place of a full speed camera display. Count down distance for instance to camera. Or for instance if you reach your destination but tom tom still thinks your 300 yards away, id normally end route. Its to busy telling you about a camera zone.

if you reach or are close to your destination and pull up and your in an average zone it will not appear.



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    When the Route Bar is displaying a Speed camera fixed/mobile/average/red light or offering an alternate route or announcing queuing traffic... To clear the warning... Tap on the main area of the Route bar screen... The Route bar should return to the normal default display... And allow you to clear the Current Route/Current Track

    Note... If you are still driving in a average speed cam zone, then the normal Average speed cam warning display will return after a short delay....
    Tap the Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Current Route/Current Track --> Clear Route/Clear Track....

    It's the same with the Motorway Junctions display... Tap the screen to return to the default driving view screen

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