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No radar highlighted coloris on the highway

NarmononoNarmonono Posts: 65 [Outstanding Explorer]
Hello developers and moderators,
After 800 kms on motorways in France, I did not have in the danger zones / radars, the colored highlighting which is on the road to show the start and the end of the danger zone!
Either because the highlighting is not displayed or because the thickness of the line which materializes the highway lane is wider than the highlighting line of the danger zone.
It would be great to have an improvement because it lacks a lot in the driver assistance.
Thank you in advance for your return.


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,369 Moderator
    Hi @Narmonono

    Thank you! I'll forward this feedback to the team.

    Best, lampard
  • NarmononoNarmonono Posts: 65 [Outstanding Explorer]
    You're welcome, would you have news for the request made by several people on the addition of an option which would allow the choice of the audio channel?
  • NarmononoNarmonono Posts: 65 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I come back to this problem because it also exists on national roads!
    I have the impression that it has existed on almost all roads for a few versions.
    The latest beta did not fix this problem!
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