Is Tom Tom a Scam

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I contacted Tom Tom on 13/7 & a man from Canberra (Indian origin) phoned me back and said he couldn't update my Tom Tom because my computer had 8,000+ Trojans in it and advised me not to use my bank or do on-line shopping until I fixed the problem. Then he proceeded to try to sell me Tom Tom's virus protection (via another Technician, who would charge me through Microsoft). I declined & this seemingly caring man before I declined, just stopped the conversation. I phoned my IT man and he has thoroughly checked my computer and found absolutely NO problem with my protection. Do Tom Tom use these tactics or is this some rouge operator trying to scam me to purchase more virus protection? Tom Tom, you need to know about this & deal with it because if it is your company policy to try to sell this, you are definitely in breach of the law and if it is an individual acting outside of his work situation, then you also need to deal with it.


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    Hi @Freddyfrog53_

    Definitely not connected to Tomtom. Have you got details so that the appropriate person in TT can add the info to their database.