New maps available for GO Discover and GO Expert

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We have now released a full map update for GO Discover and GO Expert. Before checking make sure that your device is using the latest software build 21.200.0003:

You may need to restart your device to get the new maps offered (hold down the on-off button until you hear the drums).


  • lyndon1230
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    Just updated the maps. No better than the last ones.
    I’m a driving instructor so teach the same routes all day. My previous tomtom had a few errors but nothing like this one. It’s saying to turn right at no right turns, there’s slip roads missing, exits off roundabouts missing to name just a few. All of which were correct on my
    previous 5 year old tomtom.
    The go discover is a joke. Waste of money!!!
  • Lost_Soul
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    That sounds a bit worrying. :'(
    Could you give a few examples so I can check if my Go Discover is showing the same issue as I am currently not driving very far from home due to the pandemic.