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How do I type in an address that starts with a letter

wheisler59wheisler59 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
W275N8702 twin pine circle, Hartland, WI is the address that I need to type in, but I can't figure out how to get the TomTom to start with a letter. Any help you can give is very appreciated. Sorry for the newbie question.


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    The first part of the address appears to be in a Latitude / Longitude or similar type format i.e Northing / Westings and for ease of use I would suggest it is much better to just search for:

    Twin Pine Circle, Hartland, WI 53029.
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    As long as you have the map of Wisconsin loaded, tapping "search" and entering "W275N8702 twi" will bring up the right place,
    Note it is not until you type the "i" will it actually find a known place
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    Hi @wheisler59

    Well firstly you have posted your question in the section for GO Discover and GO Expert units and after I downloaded the WI State map on to my GO Discover I can get the search to work. If I type W275N8702 Twi then the full Address appears. This also happens if I do the same using the TT Go Navigation App on my iPhone. Both units use the NTS maps.

    I notice that in your profile you list your unit as a GO Superb which do not use the NTS Maps and if I try on a GO 5200 a similar unit I cannot get the address as a Search result to appear although I have no trouble typing the full address that you have indicated starting with the W.

    I have also tried the Address in the Mapcode App and that works and provides a Mapcode and Long/ Lat for the position.

    Are you saying that you do not have a keyboard showing as normal in Search?

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