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App works well except there are no voice directions. Voices, e.g. Samantha, identify themselves and their capabilities but do not speak en route.


  • Royorleans
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    Further to my question: my iPhone syncs perfectly well to my car radio using Waze for navigation but voice directions are usually truncated at the start. I thought TomTom would be better but is useless without voice.
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    I have found that when I plug my iPad/iPhone into the car charger I lose sound from the app , whenever it’s disconnected the app works just fine
    I had problems after updating So I deleted the app and re-installed it that seemed to fix most issues .
    I still cannot understand why I get no sound when my iPad is being charged
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  • lampard
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Community! We haven't released any recent updates for the GO app so it's hard to say what has changed for you.
    • What's the iOS version installed on your phone?
    • Can you hear any instructions/sounds from the App or the volume is too low?
    • Are you using CarPlay or connected to any Bluetooth system? On the Main Menu screen, the below button shows that you can hear voice instructions. Do you have that enabled?
    (Please use the physical volume buttons during a voice instruction to increase the volume on the App)

    Best, lampard
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    Update. I have a rider550. Not the app.
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