Tom Tom Go 6200 sim card doesnt work

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My Go 6200 no longer has traffic updates when driving it seems the installed sim card is in active the traffic updates only works at home when the Go 6200 connects to my wifi, as soon as i place in car drive away the traffic update stops..
I have tried to refresh Go 6200 to factory settings, it's still the same? What can i do please?


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    Welcome to the site....
    Tomtom FAQ... TomTom Traffic or LIVE Services isn't working....

    Contacting Tomtom Support….
    Due to COVID-19 the phone service has been suspended
    The way of contacting Customer Services has changed
    For Tomtom Support Email or Chat lines...
    (Monday to Friday Normal Office Hours)
    1st... A couple of Tips when Contacting Tomtom Support....

    Tomtom FAQ … How to Contact Tomtom Support....


    Maybe useful....
    Warning... The following will void your Tomtom guarantee....
    All the usual disclaimers apply, all the of following is at your own discretion

    The SIM cards for the Live NAV3, NAV4 & NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices are located under concealed flaps and/or stickers in various location on the devices....
    On the GO 6200, GO Premium & GO 6250... The SIM Card is situated under the sticker bearing the serial number....

    With the device turned OFF...
    Carefully remove the sticker... It's advisable to use Antistatic precautions when handling the SIM... You will need a pair of fine pointed tweezers to remove the SIM
    If you pull out the SIM a little way, and reinsert it, repeat this a few times....
    I think the SIM contacts oxidize over time and removing and replacing the SIM a few times or cleaning the contacts of the SIM... Remakes the connection....

    Stay Safe.... ATB YFM
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    I have had an issue with my GO6200 connecting to Live Services for some time. I could only connect using a Wi-Fi connection to my phone. I have just (carefully) tried the solution above, removing the SIM card, polishing the contacts with an eraser and replacing it. It worked! Thanks for supplying this solution!
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    Removing the sim as per the above post worked for me 👍🏻 I was out of warranty anyway so thought it was my last chance, it was a Vodafone sim.
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    my device spent 3 years in a drawer because of this issue. Dear TomTom support Specialists, please read this, if the device under "Settings > System > About" does not show "SIM ID" (it should appear between IMEI and GPRS Model) the given device CANNOT SEE THE SIM CARD. Therefore no amount of "we'll reset the sim" or "we'll renew the sim card profile" will help in this case. I am not even talking about "have you tried Factory Reset". Thank God I found this tread.

    Removing, cleaning, reinstalling SIM card solved the issue.
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    You're welcome, glad you're sorted :)
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