Bicycle route on GO Navigation App



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    GO Navigation is optimised for car navigation. With our latest map technology we can’t guarantee optimal routing for cycling and walking and therefore we have decided to remove these route types. In addition, these route types are being used less than 0.5% of the time by our current userbase.
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    for the past 20 years, consumers used for navigation reasons a PND or a mobile phone or a smartphone with tomtom inside, for routing with car or pedestrian or bicycle. Now, at year 21 the tomtom with innovation at hardware and software reject the navigation into one device solution for pedestrian or bicycle, because of incompatibility reasons. Last 10 years, the android app lose with every new version (there are 3 or 4) too many capabilities, compared with the old good stuff - the PND.

    This will force the customers to use other navigation solutions. Of course, this is not a problem for tomtom, because year by year they earn millions of new customers.
    My congratulation in the management of the company for new ideas they had. Keed the good work, guys
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    Please bring back the Bike and Pedestrian navigation option. It's used frequently in the Netherlands. This should not have been removed simply because you've decided to change maps. Technology should have solved that.
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    We would be pleased to get the bike/pedestrian route back
    None of the routes are perfect anyway (car route are often wrong) so please add bike/pedestrian route again
    I use Tomtom 3.2 with any type of route in various countries
    Thank you
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    edited November 2021
    I agree that I have used walking mode very rarely, but this "less than 0,5%" was the reason why I could use TomTom Go for any navigation (except off road). The walking mode was extremely helpful - for example for the walk between train station and hotel in a foreign city.
    I would prefer to have walking mode back in TomTom Go, even when it is not perfect.