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Can you connect a Rider 550 to a phone such that the audio from the Rider is heard on the phone? I have in ear headphones that are connected to my phone thru the standard audio jack and would like the navigation audio to be heard thru the phone. Is that possible?


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    Most phones don’t support this option.
    (And if they do I haven’t found the app to support this yet)
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    I have already had my GPS sent to you for the second time. when you go to bluetooth it says connected but when you go on a connected mobile it comes up can't connect so i can't get any phones in and don't see on the screen who is calling. the only thing you do is gps back to factory reset and that's it. I think it's because of one of the latest updates. hope if I get it back now that it is made because with that email they send something through which does not help. so you can't help anyone. if they could reach you by phone, part of the problem was already solved because this is not a service.

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