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Why won't my TomTom Go 6200 respond to the Birmingham (UK) Clean Air Zone (CAZ)?

The CAZ has cameras and is a toll zone, both of which my satnav is supposed to respond to. I have probably been charged today! Not happy.


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    Re... The Birmingham Clean Air Zone ???
    I am not aware of an announcement by Tomtom that they are covering the Birmingham CAZ ???

    Stay Safe ATB YFM
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    cant trust a peice of electronic device blindly
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    Thanks to both YamFazMan and rider1rider for your comments. Both helpful, but sadly no solution..
    The Zone came live on June 1st, but wasn't charging until two weeks later. Nevertheless I was ignoring the satnav directions and following my own local knowledge up to yesterday.
    However, I got caught in massive tailbacks on Wednesday, 0n my previous journey so thought, maybe TomTom's got a handle on it at last. It took me on an odd route which is why I trusted it until it was too late to turn back!
    Do I now wait for an announcement from TomTom and how do I and others prompt them to act?
    The simplest thing is to pay out a few thousand and get a compliant car, but hey ho, I don't have a few thousand to spare at the moment!
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    You could make a report on Map Share.
  • MyNameAllreadyExistsMyNameAllreadyExists Posts: 99 [Revered Navigator]
    PS: I realise that you know the following but for anyone else it may help: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-clean-air-zone-map-20681834

    Birmingham's Clean Air Zone covers all roads within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road but not the Middleway itself.

    So if you are driving on the ring road, you won't get charged - only if you go inside it. This includes part of the A38 which starts at Aston Expressway and then becomes chargeable on the section where it goes inside the ring road at Dartmouth Circus.

    Areas of Birmingham covered by the Clean Air Zone include the city centre, Southside (which contains the Chinese Quarter, Gay Village and Hippodrome), Eastside (which contains Millennium Point, Thinktank and part of Birmingham City University), Gas Street Basin (includes Mailbox), Westside (including Broad Street), Ladywood, the Jewellery Quarter, Newtown, Digbeth and Highgate.
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