Created for you: The new TomTom Retail Portal

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"Created for you: The new TomTom Retail Portal"
This is the subject/heading to an email I received yesterday. The first paragraph starts "As a TomTom retailer, we appreciate all you do. Our new Retail Portal helps us help you. Visit the portal for straightforward support – fast and easy, with no need to login. You’ll find: "

However I am not a TomTom retailer just an owner of a TomTom unit who is registered with this forum and with TomTom for updates. Then just out of interest I went to the portal and found it has a section for consumers.

So is the Portal for Retailers or is the email very badly written and it is intended for everyone?


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    write to customer care
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    I think it is just how it is named, that is not just for customers but also for anyone else!
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    @MyNameAllreadyExists I agree but as I pointed out in my original post the email addresses the recipient as a retailer. The writer was either badly briefed, in that he was unaware of who the email was to be sent to or did not think about what he was writing. Either way it shows gross carelessness on the part of TomTom's marketing department and does their image and reputation no good at all. They are rapidly getting a reputation for lack of customer care and inaccuracy in their mapping and this just does not help.