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go expert live restriction warnings

francesmrkfrancesmrk Posts: 25 [Master Explorer]
Hi, on the tomtom comparison truck sat navs - go 6200/6250 and go expert it says go expert has live restriction warnings about bridges etc, how does this differ from 6250 and 6200 where you can input your vehicle dimensions anyway to avoid this?


  • francesmrkfrancesmrk Posts: 25 [Master Explorer]
    also, what are the benefits/draw backs on the go expert using your mobile rather than a sim card? thanks!
  • bigbig Posts: 1,657
    edited July 10
    I think the benefits/drawbacks about using your mobile rather than a SIM card is a fairly general question relating to several models, not just the Expert.

    Probably the biggest reason TomTom switched to "use your own mobile" was that 2G service is being discontinued in many areas and TomTom's built in SIM still uses 2G. So, in a way, using your own mobile ensures you'll have TomTom services everywhere your mobile works even if 2G is not available. I'd say that's the biggest benefit..

    But there are many drawbacks as well: your device always has to be present, so if other people drive the vehicle without you they won't have TomTom services. (In theory they could pair their own device but it would not be automatic since the Expert only automatically connects to the first device it is paired with.)

    Then there is cost of data, if any, especially when roaming, though actual data use isn't that much.
    And your mobile needs to be kept charged and available.
    And yes, some people do not have a mobile or do not have an appropriate data plan for it, though that's probably less likely when dealing with the Expert.
  • francesmrkfrancesmrk Posts: 25 [Master Explorer]
    thank you!
  • francesmrkfrancesmrk Posts: 25 [Master Explorer]
    probably a silly question, do you have to open the app on your phone everytime you want to use the traffic or does it automatically connect and work once paired? thanks
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,214
    Hi @francesmrk

    You don't need the App just Pair the unit to your Phone via Bluetooth but have the phones Personal Hotspot on as well when you do it and use it with the device . You need the PH on as well as BT whenever connected to the device although you will not be asked for the password to connect the device to the PH and it will not show in your phone as connected to your PH.

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