Why does MyDrive Web on Safari completely suck?

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I've cleaned up all cache/cookies, I have a modern high-powered Mac w/ no fancy screen, etc.

But the simplest thing -- like getting the map in MyDrive to render after zooming in and out is painfully slow, as in early 1990s pre-MapQuest on a dial-in modem slow.

This is consistent w/ 90% of my experience w/ TomTom hardware and the mobile apps -- they work eventually, but are glitchy, slow, and the UI overwrought and complex.

But this problem is exceptionally odd b/c so many other companies seem to have moved their products into this century -- I also use Garmin's online mapping (for a different service), Rever trip planning online, and obviously routinely use Google Maps -- all of which work fine and normally.


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    is it same on any other browser
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    I use a nothing special, Dell Win10 PC....
    For the My Drive Web Route planner, I always use the Chrome browser....
    I find the zoom from Min to Max zoom to be almost instantaneous
    If I select a MyPlace from the list, the Map instantly zooms into the MyPlace location at 16X zoom (Max zoom is 18x zoom)
    Dragging the Map exactly matches my Mouse movement
    Dragging a route, has a hardly perceivable lag as the route is recalculated and redrawn on the screen....

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