Renault TomTom Carminat sd card not recognized by TomTom Home software

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Hi, I have a Renault Carminat TomTom built in device. I want to install a new map, but TomTom Home does not recognize my sd card.

I installed TomTom Home 2.21 and that works: when I connect the sd card to my iMac, TomTom Home starts up and I can sign in with my account, but that is as far as I get: in the right down corner of the screen it says 'no navigation system connected'. Also clicking 'Update my navigation system' gives a blank page, same for 'buy maps'.

I tried removing the loopdir folder, reinitializing the card by the navigation system in the car, but that doesn't help. Tried reformatting the sd card and start with an empty card with reinitializing the card by the navigation system in the car, without result.

I installed a new map a few years ago, and I remember this wasn't without problems either, but it worked after al. But now I'm really stuck. Any help? Thanks!


  • rider1rider
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    write to customer care email or live chat
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    I have exactly the same issue. Computer sees card, reinitialise in Carminat. Computer sees card. Home opens but then it can't see the card. 10 days on TomTom support who are next to useless, just keep sending me different try this files. Pulling my hair out now. Card was working before I tried to update it.
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    Replace manually de loopdir directory from the USB memory card with the loopdir directory from the BACKUP on your Macintosh (I hope you have a backup!).

    You must do that every time the memory card has been in the Carminat console in your (I suppose the Carminat console replaces the file in the loopdir in a way the Macointosh version of the TOMTOM Home app cannot read)
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    Just seen this. Disappointing to see you are getting the same treatment I have been getting from TomTom for over a year as they attempt to fix an issue with TomTom Home reading SD card on a Mac. They know the issue well.

    From all the tests I did with TomTom I know you can update if you can get your hands on a Windows PC. (I borrowed one to test for them)
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    I have exactly the same problem.
    Works in a Windows machine but not MacBook.
    Very annoying.