Sorry, but are Tomtom Customer services completely incompetent?

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I posted a question a few days ago about how my Rider 400 will not charge on either my Bike mount or my Car one, but will charge with a USB cable.
VikramK advised me to report this to Customer Services, which was itself not easy as I was repeatedly sent back to the login page. But after a couple of days I managed to report the issue.
A couple of days later I had a reply from Vicky. Despite me saying that it would not charge on Either mount, she said that my mount was faulty and to send serial numbers of the mount and satnav so we could arrange to return "the faulty mount" for a replacement. She did not say Which mount!
I queried this, suggesting that she had perhaps misunderstood my message, and explained the problem again. I pointed out that it would be quite a coincidence for Both mounts to fail in the same way at the same time.
Todays reply is suggesting:
"Try a different micro USB cable as this might be a cable problem"
Why try a different one when the current one is the only way I can charge it at the moment?!
"Try charging it without the dashboard mount (if your model is one where you plug it in via the mount)"
I've told her what device it is, if she doesn't know how that model works, she is not likely to be able to help me! And, of course, not charging on the mount is the problem....
and finally:
" If your device turns on but won’t start up, please clarify as this would then not be a battery problem."
I'm not absolutely sure what Turning On but not Starting Up really means. But she concludes:

"After considering the above, if the TomTom still is having trouble turning on, please respond to this e mail with the following information for a repair."

Two more things to add insult to injury: She repeatedly calls me [surname] - no Mr or anything, no first name, just "Dear [surname]!

And have have twice mentioned the other issue, that my account details page on the Tomtom website is saying that my speed camera alerts are deactivated, and that I will need to subscribe to get them - despite my Rider 400 coming with lifetime speed camera updates. Guess what - she has ignored that completely, both times.

Just for interest, I have just tried to log in to customer support again:

"This page isn't working at the moment"

This is all incredibly shoddy. Does anyone from Tomtom care?


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    Hi @veryfedup
    I have sent a head-up to my customer service team to arrange a follow-up.

    Regarding your question about the speed camera subscription.
    I reviewed your TomTom account and just wanted to confirm that your RIDER has speed camera updates for the lifetime of the device.

    The error you see on the account page is a bug already reported to our team. Please see my reply on a similar topic-

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    I have had a further reply from Vicky. This time, she refers to the subscription issue, but completely ignores the charging issue, which she has still not given any sensible response to.

    The poor quality of her responses are quite staggering. She appears to focus on one small part of what is said, and give a response based on that, ignoring al the rest.

    Interesting, too, that the issue with speed camera updates has been ongoing since at least March - again, this does not engender confidence in Tomtom's interest or ability in dealing with problems.
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    look what problems they can resolve: sim reactivate, custom voices reinstall and traffic problems also reactivate

    for all other problems no solution

    and with speed camera update is a joke that the bug is reported since March they do nothing or they want that people pay for lifetime updates