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Is it possible to adjust the contrast of Premium X?
The contrast strongly depends on the viewing angle.
The contrast is stronger when viewed from below.
Seen directly, the contrast is weak and almost non-existent from above
I returned the first device when I suspected it was defective

From below

From straight

From above


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    Welcome to the site....
    I use the 'Cosmic Blue' colour scheme
    Mine is dash mounted and tipped back (the top of the device is away from me a few degrees)
    If I hold the GO Pentium in front of me and tip the top towards me, the more I tilt it forward/towards me, the more washed-out the screen becomes

    The GO Premium X comes with a Tinted Screen Protector... have you tried using the Tinted Screen Protector ???

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    I use also the 'Cosmic Blue' color scheme
    If I tilt it back, I have problem at the sun
    Almost every display has possibility control of contrast, why not in Tomtom

    My own the GO Premium X came to me with a clear Screen Protector.
    So, I haven't the Tinted Screen Protector