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until yesterday my TOMTOM GO 2535 WTE had maps

thymarathymara Posts: 14 [Legendary Explorer]
I decided to update my maps, went on My Drive Connect, said I had 2 updates, selected them and tried to update. Within about 30 seconds it said there was an error and now it says No maps found. Not only are the maps that were on the device now gone but my device is now, essentially, a brick.

As someone with lifetime maps I'm rather annoyed. It's one thing if there are no maps available, it's quite another when the upgrade process says there are 2 upgrades and the next thing everything on your device has been deleted by the upgrade process.

Hopefully some one has a suggestion


  • thymarathymara Posts: 14 [Legendary Explorer]
    Rather than just upgrade the My Drive application I deleted and re-installed. I also turned off the Norton Firewall. I then downloaded the satellite locations and that worked. It did not work yesterday. I then downloaded my maps and that also worked.

    My former brick now has maps again and no data was lost. I have no explanation for why it now works, just happy that it does. This device beats the navigation system in my 2020 Prius Prime.
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