Indication of alternative roads when riding a track

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Situation: I'm riding a track on the Rider 400.
Suddenly I get a green pop-up on the right with the suggestion for an alternative way and a green road on the screen. Why?
I only wish to drive the selected track.
This phenomenon has been manifesting itself since a few weeks.
PS: I'm sure I'm driving a track and not a route.


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    The Green road is 'Alternate route by steering'....

    If you Tap on the Green Blob the Preview screen opens showing the time saved and an overview of the Green Alternate route (May need to pinch Zoom-in for detail)

    When an Alternate route is found, a Green Blob with the time saved appears on the Route Bar (It's really easy to miss)
    Then at xxx yards before the Green Alternate route, the device gives a quick 'Dong' 'Dong' warning (In my opinion far too late to be able to change lanes etc...) at this point you are supposed to steer on to the new Green Route
    If you ignore the Green Route the device will continue along the original route
    If you follow the Green Route the driving instructions will switch to the new Green Route

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Thank you for your answer but this is not the answer to my question.
    Why does this option pops up when riding a track?
    I don’t need that at that moment because I want to follow the track I made before.
    When riding a route it can be usefull, but when riding a track it seems completely useless to me.
    Who implemented the pop-up in the software and for what reason?
    Please send me a clarifying answer.
    Sincerely, Rudy Tondeleir (BAF)