Carminat TomTom has no GPS signal

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My Carminat TomTom wasn't receiving a signal - it was stuck on the last place it had a signal. I reset it, turned it back on and it was still stuck in the same place/location.

I formatted the SD card, bought the maps again on the TomTom website and downloaded them onto my card.....put it back into my car, but I'm still getting the same issue.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?



  • Willy875
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    Update your Quick GPS Fix or have a problem with the antenna.
  • Edd1eT87
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    I checked for updates and everything appears to be up to date.....could it just need time for it all to connect up, in terms of GPS , location, etc?
  • Edd1eT87
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    Does anyone else have anything that I could try and fix it....?
  • George6312
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    I have the same more or less. After the last update I did 3 months ago My unit show "Waiting for GPS signal."
    I did all the updates they recommend and still have the same problem When I go into Connection and GPS status It show: lock: 7 satellite's locked 60%. But when I go back to routing it give the above error.

    I tried everything But nothing is working.

    I even did a factory reset and it is still not working
  • 1stevenmelling
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    i have a renault traffic 2013 carminate radiio satnav i put in the sd card in then turn on the ignition a egg timer comes up first and then the renault logo screen and then a kinda cross comes on for a couple of minuets then the satnav screen goes to time and temperature can anyone shed some light on whats happening it would be a great help.