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Feet vs Yards on GO Navigation App

rocminc99alrocminc99al Posts: 21 [Legendary Explorer]
This could have been discussed, but I'll ask again.
TomTom shows distance in feet when it's close to a turn. Feet are not very useful on the road. Yards are much more useful. I do the same mental exercise again and again - divide the number by 3 to make sense of it. My 15-year old TomTom GPS shows distance in yards. Is there any particular reason why the app shows distance in feet?

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  • rocminc99alrocminc99al Posts: 21 [Legendary Explorer]
    There are several choices in settings. One of them is miles/yards. Homehow I missed this.
  • MyNameAllreadyExistsMyNameAllreadyExists Posts: 99 [Revered Navigator]
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    Hi Try>Settings>Languages & Units>Units
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