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Rider 550 Samsung s20

Sp4rkySp4rky Posts: 23 [Legendary Explorer]
Hi I have a Samsung s20 and can not connect to my rider 550.

Tom has had a hard reset.also put phone into recovery mode, and whipped cache.

When I go into my phone on TomTom the icon flashes and the status you can see it try to connect then unable to connect constantly.

Latest firmware has been applied


  • Sp4rkySp4rky Posts: 23 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hmm not sure how I did it but kinda got most of it working. I can so calls, but I can do that on my Sena
    .would have liked the notifications

    Calls don't work. So will have a think if I'm taking it back.

    Would have been nice if someone from TomTom support said this is being looked at still.
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