Lots of misspelled city names in Fryslân, Netherlands

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Hello everyone,

Lots of city names (towns, villages, hamlets, municipalities etc.) in the Dutch province of Fryslân are misspelled or have an incorrect name. Because of these misspellings (almost 100, and I probably still missed some) TomTom is unusable in this part of the Netherlands. Therefore this needs to be corrected with the highest priority possible.

I tried to suggest corrections as a comment using Map Share, but there are way too many misspellings to suggest everything manually. I made a list of all the misspellings with their actual name, current misspelling, type and sometimes a comment. The list can be found on https://dezwart.frl/Fryslan-misspelled-TomTom.xlsx (Excel) or https://dezwart.frl/Fryslan-misspelled-TomTom.htm (html).

Can anyone take a look at this list and correct the misspellings? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: There appear to be some minor differences between the English and the Dutch map. The incorrect spellings in my list are based on the Dutch map. The actual spelling listed in my document is the spelling in both Dutch and English (any current difference between the two languages is a mistake as well).


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    You can send that file to customer support.
    Doubt anyone on an open public forum can do anything.
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    @fergussion could you tell me how? The chat function is broken and I can't find an email address anywhere.
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    Would be good if those towns could have two names, one in Frisian, and one in Dutch (currently on TomTom as you showed). Searching on either of them should find the correct place.