Had to switch from TomTom app in the middle of the ride

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Last weekend I was on a ride with multiple stops. Was using a route created using MyDrive website. But had to abandon TomTom app and switch to Harley-Davidson app in the middle of the ride after a big detour. TomTom currently doesn't show waypoints/stops for MyDrive routes. So there's no way to delete or mark as visited one of them.
I'm sure there are many reasons to use multi-stop routes, but I hope TomTom won't be ignoring the needs of motorcycle riders with iPhones for long.


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    Hi @rocminc99al

    This is a known limitation, you can sync route with waypoints from MD, but waypoint won't be depicted in the app. The route will be properly synced in terms of the shape, but waypoints won't be there in the app. It will be taken into consideration as improvements for upcoming releases.

    Best, lampard