Just bought a new map, now I'm stuck

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I just bought a new map but it does not appear in my updates in TomTom Home. It's for a Mazda NB1 system. I have the original SD card. I suspect the new map may be too large for the card. Can I get the map sent to me on a new SD Card? Where on my computer does the file download?


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    write to customer care for order confirm
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    How do I even do that? Every time I try to get to a different page it just flips me back to this community page.
    TomTom support is useless. Can't call anyone, can't live chat, can't find an email address. 1 reply to my question, which quite frankly doesn't help. How do I get my money back?
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    Here is the chat number to call for the UK.

    United Kingdom
    02079 490 134
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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    This getting ridiculous. I am seriously unimpressed with TomTom as a company. I thought they were genuine company but this experience makes them seem like scammers. I can find no way of getting in touch with them. And judging by other customers questions and responses neither can anyone else. What is going on? TT if you are monitoring this please get in touch!!
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    Hi @LeeGray
    See the steps on the link below to contact the customer services-

    There is a cookie bug that keeps redirecting you back to the forum page, but you can overcome this by opening the support website in an incognito mode/private window or a different browser.

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    That phone number no longer works.
    I finally got on to the live chat. I was initially 4th in the queue. After half an hour I was 1st in the queue. I remain 1st in the queue. It has now been 1hr and 15 mins. This is disgusting customer service. At this point I can only assume they have gone home for the day, and just left me holding on??
    Apparently Tom Tom have done away with their phone number to concentrate on the live chat as they feel this gives customers a much better experience. (Their words). Terrible way to treat people. I've paid £50 for this experience!