Problem when load the pré Made route on MyDrive to 550

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Well that's it Guys
I am full of this Tomtom thing. I own a tomtom 550 on moto. Other than is dificult to program, the route that you program on mydrive the most of time is not allowed on the 550 itself. There was too many times thatthis happened.
This weekend i planed a route on mydrive, then was all ok, choose passing points and saved it, and sync with 550. When i opened next day the route was in 550 but when i choose it it displays, no possible route.... is not possible to have this thing when u are depending on the tomtom to go on road. Meanwhile, i discover that maps are not accurate in some points with beautiful and main roads. Maybe is because is Portugal.
NExt week, ZUMO will be. I am selling mine 550 with 2 years of use.
CHeers Tomtom, and Bye.
PS - by the way, last year i was lost because 550 made it wrong in Germany black forest.....I was saved by google maps on my phone.. What a shame.