Wrong speed limit, 21 June 2021 A1 Granthem uk

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Lincolnshire police have given me a notice of a fine and points on my licence, 21, June Monday 2021, on the A1 Granthem, going North, 14,27,57, pm, I was driving by the speed given by TomTom, as I do all over, when I drive, it said60mph, the notice is given 57mph! There is road work cones on the dual cartridge way but no workman, I can't see a camera, I have dash cam next base to, can you check my footage, and help me in this delema, as you go, by what information is given to you, many have been given fines and point, I think underhanded. They word it as Allayed offence of rr84199exceeded Tempory 50mph, restriction in contention,of local traffic order.I always drive with my TomTom for guidance. Can you email me as I am very upset by [email protected]

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    You must have missed the temporary 50mph speed limit signs. TomTom is pretty good with permanent speed limits (although not perfect) but rarely updates maps with temporary lower speed limits.
    You cannot rely 100% on TomTom for indicating the prevailing speed limit & need to watch for traffic signs too.
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    I thought the rules changed last year, if there was not macherg of work man then the traffic can keep flowing at 60 mph, other wise it backs up, ..(Just because there is a Road roller at the side of the road, Doesn,t mean you have to slow down,😁speed limits a 're only enforced where there are Clearly mar ked sighs, if there is no sign you can continue driving at the app for appropeate seed limit for that done. I screen shot this, Auto car, saids The news comes following the Governments recent vow to accelerate investments in the UK, transport infrastructure, pledging £1,7. Billion,of work on major roads...
    The new scenarios for the rises limit have been introduced at all times.contra flowwhich imposes 60mph driving limit on stretches of road where construction activity is not taking place,,and Dynamic which lifts the limits from 50 mph, only on non working days.