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So, at various times over the weekend, I have tried to delete roughly 1Gb of voices from my Go Premium in order to free up some space. I'm pretty sure I'm following the correct procedure, in that I have launched the TomTom software on my PC, plugged in my device and waited until it says "Connected", then navigated to My Content and selected all the voices I don't need before clicking Uninstall. At this point I get the Updating Device screen, with a "Getting Ready" message, and that's as far as I get. After several minutes of that message, I then get a screen telling me "Our servers are very busy at the moment", and it tells me to try again later. Like I said, this has happened every time, at various times over the weekend.

Is there a time when the servers aren't busy (and no, I'd rather not have to do it in the middle of the night!)?

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    Hi Try following:
    Delete the Home3 Folder how YamFazMan discribed it here:

    After that log in MyDrive connect and connect your Satnav to it.
    Select 1 Voice that you want to delete. After clicking on it go to the Satnav and tap on Menu/settings/updates and new elements.
    A spinning circle should appear on the device and the uninstallation should happen in the background.
    Repeat the last two steps until you have uninstalled all the tunes you want.

    Hope it works
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    Many thanks for the advice - it certainly seems to have worked. The weird thing is, I still get the "Getting ready" thing, followed by the busy servers message, but selecting Updates and New Items on the device seems to get it done.

    Thanks again for your reply 👍