Why wont my Go Expert download my POI OV2 files from MYDRIVE to my sat nat?

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Need help. Please see above question. I have a new sat nay and I need to download some 3rd party OV2 files that are on MYDRIVE. I havnt had a problem with my previous Tomtoms, just this one!


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    Sorry, but the installing of 3rd party or personal POI .Ov2 categories or files is NOT possible on the new Go Discover/GO Expert.... :/
    Also, I have not seen/heard any information whether the option to install 3rd party POI files will be made available in a future update :/

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    thank you ,is the 6250 still supported by tomtom?
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    I can't speak for TomTom but the 6250 is still getting map updates and other services such as traffic. Firmware updates, if any, seem to be only for urgent issues, I definitely wouldn't expect any feature changes.
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    I was going to buy the new go expert when the built in sim version was available later this year, but as we can't add ov2 poi's then it's no good to me and I definitely won't be buying one now.. I think there will be a lot of people feeling the same about this 😒