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I have noticed on my GO Discover that it is back to having quite a small traffic horizon, compared to my old GO Premium X. Which, unfortunately, doesn't cover my entire commute to work. My commute to work goes from Junction 14 on the M4 to junction 4B on the M4 (just outside London), about 46 miles (as the crow flies).
The traffic info covered that on my GO6200 and on my GO Premium X. On my GO Discover the traffic info reaches to about junction 10 (about 30 miles as the crow flies)....
On a day like today (Sat. 26 June) that is quite unfortunate as the M4 is closed both ways between J5 and J6. Planning a route at home before setting off to work today, on my GO Premium X, it plans a detour around J5 and J6, so I know to leave home a little earlier.
My GO Discover shows no major problems, plans M4 all the way! Normal travel times. I know, from discussions on this forum years ago when the 'traffic horizon' was first introduced, that the logic is that the GO Discover will start replanning as you approach the problem area. However, if the horizon is so small that is doesn't even cover a commute to work, then that is a problem. I need to know what the traffic to work is like before I leave home!
Is it true that the traffic horizon is smaller on the GO Discover compared to GO Premium X? If so, can you please increase the traffic horizon on the GO Discover so it at least matches the GO Premium X (about 50 miles as the crow flies), or better it?
Thank you.


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    Sorry, those questions are more aimed at the Moderator and TomTom.
    Anyone else find the traffic horizon on the GO Discover too small?
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    But I have also observed that the radius is slightly increased when planning a route over 100km. Then there are disturbances that were not visible before.
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    I have a "similar thread" open on this subject and asked this question of Tomtom when I first became a Tomtom user (~5 years ago) and never got a satisfactory reply as I could not rely on the Tomtom Device I was using back then (Go 60/6100?) to detect Traffic Delays and or Motorway Junction Closures ~30 miles from me as the crow flies.

    I have never seen anything written from Tomtom regarding the "Traffic Horizon" limits which some users indicate to ~50miles as the crow flies and I have found varying results of this Traffic Horizon on different Tomtom devices.

    I have been evaluating the Go Discover and have found like you that the traffic detection range is certainly less than the Go Premium for example (The Go Navigation App on my iPhone mirrors the smaller Go Discover traffic detection range) and have been monitoring traffic delays in and around the Dartford Crossing (~30 miles radius from my location in St. Albans where the M1 at J6 crosses with the M25 J21A).

    In general my findings are similar to yours - traffic detection up to ~30 miles, however on a few isolated occasions the Go Discover did detect Traffic Delays approaching ~50 miles away. B)

    I have come to the conclusion that yes; the Go Discover does "normally" detect a smaller traffic range than the Go Premium/ Go Camper etc, but there appears to be another factor to consider and that is when the overall traffic conditions are light within the confines of the M25 and there is traffic delays at the Dartford Crossing (as it is most delays) this is when the Go Discover detects Traffic further away and I think that in some areas / times when traffic delays are heavy Tomtom reduces the amount of traffic data being transmitted to our devices/phones and this results in the reduced range we are experiencing.

    But this is speculative thinking on my part as I do not know the traffic algorithm that Tomtom uses.

    Most of my journeys tend to be approaching Essex / Kent Borders and my choices when I leave home are straight round the M25, M25 / M11 or M1 then A406 and need to make that decision within 30 seconds of leaving home!

    Currently the Go Discover fails in helping me make that decision as I can within ~15 minutes of leaving home cover ~20 miles and I need to be aware of traffic delays outside this range in order to choose the optimum route.

    I also would be interested to hear back from the Tomtom moderators if it can be confirmed the perceived "Traffic Horizon" limits and whether the design parameters of the Go Discover are such that it detects a smaller traffic delay range compared to other Tomtom devices .

    @VikramK @lampard Grateful for your advice and comment. =)