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which devices use Galileo signals active? ( and not software disabled)

wolfgangFBwolfgangFB Posts: 3 [Novice Seeker]
I seek to buy a new TomTom GPS receiver for car, but I want to have e device which uses the Galileo GPS signals active and have those devices life software and map updates? Can they also export their recorded GPX routes? ( the old TomTom One did not allow me to export recorded travelled routes for analysing on my PC afterwards.


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 896 [Revered Pioneer]
    heard of gps and glonass not galileo
    write to customer care to confirm
  • wolfgangFBwolfgangFB Posts: 3 [Novice Seeker]
    Galileo is the European GPS satellite system, should nowerdays be active. I read somewhere that if the GPS chipsets are able to receive Glonass (the russian GPS system), it should also be able to receive galileo signals.
    But I am not shure which TomTom models really support galileo signals?
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,145 Moderator
    edited June 28
    Hi @wolfgangFB
    Welcome to the community!
    The new GO Discover and GO Expert have the hardware requirements that enables them to connect to - GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellite systems.

  • wolfgangFBwolfgangFB Posts: 3 [Novice Seeker]
    Hi VikramK, are they also software enabled? I read somewhere that although the hardware is capable of receiving Glonass / Galileo, they disabled it in software ( like I read somewhere that Garmin did this and I thought that TomTom also does not fully use Galileo?). On August 2020 you wrote that the new devices are Galileo READY, but this does not mean that they are software ready. So, my original question remains : are they also software enabled ?? and from which software version on?
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,145 Moderator
    edited June 28
    Both devices are software enabled as well.
    We didn't have to release a specific update, both models come with preinstalled Navkit(Firmware) that's required to connect to all three satellite systems.

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