TomTom GO Expert -Problems starting up

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Hi I have just bought the Go Expert 7" Problem is if I let the device power down when turning off the ignition it does not power back up properly, it get to the overview map then powers off, 2 hours it did this the other night. If I'm stopping I have to turn off the device before I turn off my ignition, it then starts ok


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    Hi @keith214
    Welcome to the community! Are you using the TomTom supplied USB cable to charge the device in your truck?
    The power requirements for the GO Expert models is higher and so using the supplied cable is recommended.

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    Yes Im using all the supplied cables and chargers, the problem is it struggles to startup like theres a problem with rebooting
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    Does the device turn off on its own when you stop the car? In other words, do you see "Power disconnected. Will turn off in 30 (29...28...27...) seconds?

    It is acting as if the battery went flat while it was powered off. That could mean it never powered off properly or the battery is not charging, so it only operates when connected to power. Normally that means not using the correct cable AND charger but since that is not your case, let's look further.

    When it is turned on and connected to the charger and you press the menu icon on the lower left, a row of icons should appear on the top of the unit. Does the battery icon show it is charging?

    You can also get into a debug screen which shows battery percentage. While the unit is turned on, hold the power button down and keep holding it until the TomTom logo appears. (15-20 seconds).. When the logo appears, release the power button for a quick second, the press and hold again. Continue holding another few seconds and a black screen with white lettering should appear. Towards the bottom of that screen is the battery percentage.
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    Thank you for your reply. But no this does not happen, It does show the battery logo when plugged in, but when I tried the button free I just get the connect to computer logo. I personally think there is a problem with my unit.
    Problem 1. It tries to power up, gets to the overview map screen then shuts down
    Problem 2. It takes an age to find a satellite can drive maybe 20 miles or more
    Problem 3. I'm using all the supplied cables and chargers, I've used the setting NOT too power down when the ignition switches off, but it still switches off.
    Ive chatted to support and I feel that this is a faulty device so I'm sending it back.
    Have to say for £399 I'm not impressed
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    There's also a possibility the cradle or charger/cable is faulty, I hope they replace everything just in case.
    Thanks for the update and good luck!
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    Yes @big according to the chat session this will be a full replacement including charger and cable.
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    Hi there I am having issues with my cradle and cable as the connection got loose and when driving over speed bumps it just disconnects the power went to hallfords for a replacement as I only bought the item on the 9 of august they have replaced the cable with another cable but Chinese cable but my issue persistes then they have told me that I need to go direct with Tom Tom wich I did yesterday but got no reply so far some help with this issue would be nice considering this device cost me 400 pounds and it’s not even a month old