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MyDrive screen corrupted on download

LSWRArtLSWRArt Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
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I have a TomTom Go 610 with lifetime support and free map upgrades.
I have just bought a new Acer i7 / GTX computer running Windows 10 and downloaded MyDrive.
As soon as it starts the screen is corrupted with horizontal bars - as if there were two images venetian blinding on top of each other and it is totally unusable. I have not even got to trying to connect it to my device. What is the problem?

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  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 911 [Revered Pioneer]
    try reinstall
  • LSWRArtLSWRArt Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Hello - I already uninstalled the software and re-installed with no difference. This is a screen shot of the problemdudgdu10nd4e.gif

  • LSWRArtLSWRArt Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    Thanks for all your helpful suggestions, but so far nothing works.
    I have version which I have just downloaded.
    I have not tried to connect my device as the screen is unreadable.
    As instructed by the previous discussion I right clicked on the TomTom logo.
    I tried Troubleshoot compatibility and 'Try recommended settings' and that did not work.
    There was nothing under General, but under Compatibility there were various options to tick:
    - Change high DPI settings
    - Run in 640 x 480
    - Disable full screen optimisation
    I tried each of these in turn and none of them worked.
    The software was always fine on my old Win 7 machine, which unfortunately died and now I have the dreaded Win 10.
  • LSWRArtLSWRArt Posts: 15 [Master Explorer]
    SOLVED IT! No idea why this should work, but I started my virtual machine in Windows 7 and downloaded from that and the problem went away even on Windows 10. Seems daft as it is the same version of software - anyway working and thanks for advice from everyone
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,214
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    Hi @LSWRArt

    Glad you are sorted

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