Offered 8 new voices on my Go Premium X - Is this correct?

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I have been offered 8 new voices as an update on my Go Premium X.


Are these valid / correctly destined for my device - As they do not sound like English type names? ;)

ps I was also offered 'Alina' on my Go Discover


  • rider1rider
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    names sound korean or chinese
  • Lost_Soul
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    Yes, it is puzzling as I only have a Europe map installed. ;)
  • Lost_Soul
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    I connected up my Tomtom Go Premium to MyDrive Connect and I found “117” Other Language Voices which I assume were pre- installed by Tomtom?? ;)

    They were occupying : ~1.2gb, I had 3.3gb Free space on the Go Premium and after deletion of these unused Other language Voices it is now 4.51gb which may make the Go Premium a bit more snappy in operation?? ;)

    But after deleting the other language voices I had no voice instructions at all, so had to do a factory reset to get my chosen Serena voice back ! :s

    Might be worthwhile checking and deleting any unwanted or unused voices to reclaim more memory / space on our devices? (I did the same on my Go Camper and reclaimed just under 1gb - but no factory reset required =) )
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    Wanting and waiting sound pretty dodgy to me - do tomtom tech look at this site? A yea orv a nay would be helpful.
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    @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators should pick this up on Monday and check/confirm the validity or not of 8 new voices offered as an update.....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi all -


    I have downloaded these extra voices to my GO Premium and Rider 500 via their built in WiFi and all went ok and to see them, go into Voices, then press the “All Voices” tab. I don’t have a need for these and will delete them at a later date.
  • LinW
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    I have been offered same voice names as above. Would like to be able to delete these so that I don't have to keep deselecting them when doing updates ..