I need help tomtom device shows no maps

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I tried to down load a map update and it lost the WIFI connection and now when I try to down load a map there are none. I have life time Maps


  • VikramK
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    Hi @screener38
    Welcome to the community! Did you get this sorted already?
    The download logs show that the device has the USA map v10.70 (latest version)

    - Vikram
  • screener38
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    This did not answer my question!! The My Drive kept telling my that the map was corrupted after trying to do a update. I could not get the Remove it or the Fix it to work.. Late last night I found a short movie that told me how to reset the GPS and that worked ! After that finished I was able to down load a new USA Map and update the system software also. Thank you for telling me that I did not have to update the map in the first place but, why did My Drive tell me that I needed to?
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    I tried to update my Europe map which has lifetime updates on my Go5000 it downloaded and updated to 98% then stopped & said it would restart after a few minutes after an hour I unplugged it and now have no map . When I plug it in again it states on my device it is updating but on my computer it states not connected