TomTom GO Comfort on a motorcycle

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For many years I was using GO 730 as my primary motorcycle GPS. It was everything I wanted in a motorcycle GPS – simple, reliable, good maps. And believe it or not, the design was good enough to withstand light rain. However, since TomTom discontinued map updates for GO 730, I’ve been looking for a replacement. GO Comfort looks like a good unit that will do the job. However, there’s one problem - RAM stopped manufacturing GPS holders for new GPS models. And without a holder, I cannot figure out how to install it on a motorcycle.

Is anyone using GO Comfort on a motorcycle? Did you find a holder for it? If not, how did you mount it?



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    difficult to find
    try on google
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    I used to use a Via 120 Live with the suction cup of the Mount stuck to the Rev Counter Glass :) just in case the Via and or Mount decided to jump ship, I had a short lanyard attached to the Fazer and the back of the Via, and for bad weather a strong well fitting plastic bag. ;)

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    I like my GPS holder. It's very solid. I don't need to worry about losing my GPS.
    I will try to use iPhone with Quad Lock. It may work, but I don't have the same level of confidence I had when my GPS was sitting in a RAM holder. Besides, I would much prefer to use a stand-alone GPS than my iPhone