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I have changed from my old sat and tomtom home to a Go Essential 6" and Mydrive
when i log in with Mydrive it says map updates available and seems to include every map, how do i know what and when to install a new map update?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Royale

    When you start your unit if there any any updates Operating System, Maps, Traffic etc then they should be notified to you. You can go to Settings/Updates and New items and there you should see any updates for your unit, in fact if you Tap menu the Settings Icon will have a red flag on it as with the Updates and New items icon if there is anything you need to look at. . When you get updates do them one at a time and you should only be offered a Map update for the Maps you have downloaded to the device.

    Your device should have come with the regional map covering the Region you are in so if you are within Europe then you will have the Europe map and any updates should be for that map..

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    Thanks Doug, couldn't get my head around it when it said 20 country updates but the only one with a tick was for speed cameras. Cherrs