Activation of lifetime map updates.

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Hi. I just bought a new TomTom Start 52 GPS with lifetime updates, which I clearly believe are included in the price of the GPS device. The serial no. is XRxxxxxxxxx36. The pre-installed map is “Europe without Russia”, version 1035.9781, which is from August 2019. When I connect the device to TomTom Connect and click on the button to update the map, I am informed that the map update service (subscription) has expired, and I am referred to the webpage where I can buy map updates. On the webpage there are two “Activate” buttons. Just to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood the procedure, I filled in the required information and clicked on the “Activate” button that was not under the 90-day Europe map update service. I was then charged DKK 100.00 for the 90-day map update service, after which I cancelled the order. How do I go about getting the lifetime map update service for this device activated? Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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    Hi @ECG-DNK

    This should be picked up by @VikramK or @lampard who can review your units settings on the TT servers. Look back here to see what they say.

    Regarding getting a refund for the Map Purchase then this will need you to contact Customer Support.

    Try the following:-

    Tap Support at the top of this page
    You then have to Sign in Top Right of next Page. (you have to do this)
    When signed in Tap Contact Us bottom right
    Help Box appears and after a few seconds Get in Touch also appears
    Tap Get in Touch
    You are now offered Chat or Email. If Chat is closed, ie its not normal working hours Mon/Fri, it will tell you the hours that it will be available.

    Chat is busy you may have to try a few times.

    If it does not work exactly as described then try another Web Browser.

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    Hi @ECG-DNK

    Welcome to the community!
    My team has fixed the services for your TomTom, please do a soft reset and check for updates.

    Regards, Vikram
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    Hi VikramK,

    Thank you for your answer.

    It seems like the lifetime map updates have been registered on my TomTom account as indicated on the MyDrive Connect device tab. However, I still need your assistance.

    After doing the reset as shown in the video, I'm having issues connecting my device to my computer using MyDrive Connect, which is necessary to update the device.

    When I connect the device to my computer using the USB cable, MyDrive Connect tries to connect to the device. After some seconds, a small white box/window marked TomTom MyDrive Connect appears informing me that the device is being restored and showing the restoration progress as a percentage. There's a pictogram on the device screen showing a computer screen with an orange "X" to the right of it and a cable connecting the computer with the device. On the pictogram device screen there's an orange triangle with an exclamation mark.

    When the restoration level hits 100%, the device tab on MyDrive Connect reappears and states that the device has been disconnected. The screen on the device shows the TomTom logo on a subdued world map background. At the bottom of the screen, there's a thin white bar that moves slowly to the right and stops about halfway.

    Then MyDrive Connect reconnects to the device, which shows a spinning white circle on its screen. Shortly after that, the small white box/window reappears, and the restoration process starts again. The pictogram described above reappears on the device screen.

    This process repeats itself several times without restoring the device. As I understand it, when the device has been restored, a normal TomTom map showing the location of the GPS should appear.

    Again, thank you for your attention to this matter.