how to calculate multiple simultaneous routes with variable hop-on places

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For an exercise, I need to calculate simultaneous routes at 1 given moment with multiple hop-ons.

- there are 90 people that can get a ride to 1 destination
- the maximum allowed travel time for a route is 45 minutes
- the availability of the fleet is like: 2 taxis with each 2 seats, 4 vans with each 8 seats, 3 mini busses with each 14 seats, 1 big coach bus with 45 seats (all the vehicles have a different position in the radius the people hop-on)

the passengers are to hop-on for example in a the northern area of London. All the passengers are in a radius of maximum 100 km.

The speed per vehicle is different. Is it better to start to calculate the routes per vehicle available and then try to match/change them with the hop-on places? Or first try to divide the hop-on places into groups along the roads and their speed available?

What would be the best method to start to program this?


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    mydrive web for creating route and adding stops or create itn file