Missing contacts

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I'm new to the TomTom GPS land, just bought a Rider 550 to use with my Android phone, connected through the MyDrive App.
My problem is, only one contact shows when I select the phone icon.
Would I be right in assuming that the Rider should be able to see all the contacts on my phone, or do I need to import them into the Rider?


  • fergussion
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    All contact should be on a tomtom when paired with the phone.
  • Wallace-aw-naw
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    "Should" didn't happen, any suggestions how I can?

    I had a look at the MyDrive App permissions on my phone and contacts is allowed, although just why it needs to access my camera is debateable. The Contacts is also all enabled bar the location
  • TigerRider
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    I haven't found any phone contacts management on my Rider550 that is any way like my old obsoleted TomToms and I really miss it. The contacts manager on my Via135 was just awful but at least I had one.

    As far as I can work out one needs a smart phone linked to your new Rider and through the magic of technology you simply "ask" for a name in your phone's contacts list using Siri or the other one I'm too old to work out how to use or indeed want to.