Transfer POIs from TomTom device to GO app?

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I have been using TomTom sat nav devices for a decade now. Recently changed over to the app which, along with AndroidAuto is very good. I have several dozen POIs (favourites) stored on my TomTom Start. Is it possible to transfer these to the app or do I have to start from scratch re-entering them all?


  • lampard
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    Hi @solwisesteve

    The Start 52 device and app can share the same email address for MyDrive sync. My places list will be common on both.

    POI (OV2 file) sync is not available for the GO Navigation app. This feature is being evaluated by the development team. We'll provide an update here if and when this feature is planned for release.

    Best, lampard
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    I really start to wonder why Tomtom even bothered to make a mobile navigation app in the first place.
    Poi implementation via MyDrive: Not possible (yet?)
    MyDrive synchronization: Minor functionality.
    Traffic Bar: Not visible when using Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

    Why make a navigation app with half the functionality of the PNA versions.
    You make an App because people don't always want a bulky PNA on the dashboard or windscreen of their cars.
    But whats the point if you let out key features like the ones i mentioned above.

    Why Tomtom?????

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    TheFriar wrote: »
    Traffic Bar: Not visible when using Apple Carplay or Android Auto.
    At least this one we're actively looking into. But it's not an easy one because both, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto miss a suitable template.