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How to save a route on the GO App (Android)?

TTukuserTTukuser Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
I've been using Tomtom Android GO for YEARS to successfully and simply save complex motorcycle routes through scenic lanes, and I do all this in the app.

Tomorrow is my first big ride of the year, and the first time I've needed to use TomTom Go Android on the bike since this later version of the software was released.

I have to do 560miles tomorrow, and I jsut sat down to programme the out journey including many small scenic routes through mountainous regions. I have no interest in using the apps 'fastest route' or any other route profile. For these trips I need to set up completely custom routes, something the previous version of the software was very good at doing.

But now with this new monstrous carbunkle of an app called v3.0/3.1, I simply cannot see how to save a route any more. I've set up a complex route with 30 waypoints, and I need to save it, so that I can then set up a seperate route home with a similar complexity as save that for the return trip later in the day.

But with this crazy app, I can't save any routes. I can load routes I made with a previous version, but I can't save new routes any more. This is madness.

Someone at TomTom simply doesn't understand how some of us have used this software for years.

If I don't have a route planned in the app, hitting the settings button takes me to a greyed out "Current Route" which, in previous versions, would not be greyed out if a route was planned, and in which there was a further menu where I could select to name and save my route for later use.

With this more recent release of the software, once a route is planned, hitting that same settings button brings up a different pop-up menu over the map, with only limited functionality, and NO Current Route or Sasve Route option.

Are you kidding me? Which idiot passed thsi software for release?

Can someone please tell me how to save a complex route on the APP. I have zero interest in using the desktop software to save simple routes, so don't bother mentioning that.

Is it possible to reconfigure the menu settings so I can get at the main settings menu with the 'Current Route' option AFTER I have computed a route, and therefore at the only time when anyone would ever want to use this function which has been made impossible to access in the current version?

I am entirely p!ssed off with this, as Tomtom go has been my goto software for complex bike routes for years.

As it stands now it is entirely useless to me.

Oh and while I'm here, the newer versions of the software crash when I am trying to set up complex routes, and are soooo much slower at screen drawing as I try to zoom around and choose waypoints to make those routes.

Someone at TomTom needs to lose their job immediately and be replaced by someone who knows what they are doing. I have been watching this software get worse and worse over the last year or so. It has now reached the level of a basic navigator, not the powerful tool it once was.


  • Crusader3020Crusader3020 Posts: 30 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Ha. Fully sympathize with you.
    It seems the new improved method of saving a route is to actually just briefly tap the route, as against long press to add a stop, this is then supposed to bring up a menu whereby you can manage the route.
    It actually works, very occasionally but mostly not.
    I've been just as annoyed as you because if you can't save the route you lose it.
    I've discovered that if you tap the 3 dots you can scroll down to play a preview of the route, then just stop it doing that and you'll be back at the route planning stage and NOW you can tap the route and save it.
    It's completely nuts IMHO.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,200
    Hi @TTukuser

    Just to Add that when you Briefly Tap the Route you need to do it in the zBlued Road not just anywhere on th screen. If you do a longer Press on the Route you get a different set of options.

  • TTukuserTTukuser Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    edited June 12
    Thank you BOTH so much for these replies.

    This just stinks of an inexperienced college-graduate developer with no knowledge of the history of a product, keen to make their mark on the product through change - any change. Never mind how the product has been used for years.

    At least now I can save a route. Now I just have to cope with the constant crashes as I try to set up one of these more complex routes.

    Redraw time has become a long long thing when you add more then a couple of vias, often resulting in a terminal lockup, requiring reboot of the entire app.

    Pah! Let's hope someone with a brain gets involved at Tomtom very soon and starts managing this project properly again. I've recommended TomTom to so many people over the years, but I will be doing the opposite until these issues are properly sorted out.

    TomTom as a company are really dropping the ball. They been promising ever since the new maps and apps arrived that soon we will be able to plan proper complex routes on a PC again, but 18 months on and zero progress.

    They are becoming a liability rather than an asset.

  • Crusader3020Crusader3020 Posts: 30 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    edited June 12
    I've also had problems with TT crashing. The advised fix is to disallow TT to go into battery saver.
    However it still crashes on the road and it appears to be when a turn is coming up within 1 to 2 klms or there abouts, AND I don't have internet connection. Both instances at the same time.
    Now I know the maps are downloaded before anyone feels the need to inform me as such, BUT in the TT Services section we have the option of Online Search and Online Routing. I've turned both of these off and it appears to have fixed the problem. So far as I can tell anyway.
  • TTukuserTTukuser Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thank for the pointers re the online services. It has helped a bit but the system is just so slow to use now.

    I've just made a route with 5 waypoints. It took me AN HOUR and 23% of my battery to complete this due to the slow zooming, poor map drawing with small roads and almost invisible colouring of these smaller roads. It's pretty hopeless.

    A good product ruined.

    I assume the battery setting you mentioned is a phone system setting as I cannot find the setting in TomTom?

  • TTukuserTTukuser Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    And why does this [email protected] website continuously give a pop-up window asking how good their support is, even after I have made a selection and told it not to bother me again.

    They really know how to upset customers.
  • Crusader3020Crusader3020 Posts: 30 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    The battery thing is a phone thing. Android is to allow TT run in the background.
    Seems odd that ours taking so long to do stuff though. I don't have that problem.
  • TTukuserTTukuser Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I’m running it on an older Samsmug Galaxy S5. Maybe that is not up to running this new version, which would be a shame as it ran the previous version speedily.

    At least I can now save a route. So I can use the product. If only they would hurry up and release proper PC/Web based multi-stop route planning, then I wouldn’t need to use the desperately slow on-phone route programming.
  • Crusader3020Crusader3020 Posts: 30 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Yes that would be handy.
    I do mine on PC as a GPX then convert to TT Poi .ov2 file in ITN Converter. Then I side load it into TT - which has to be installed on the SD Card. Then its in My Places and/or Favourites. I then load the route from the individual points and re-order. A bit convoluted but works ok for. I'm using an S9plus.
  • GeocrabbGeocrabb Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    No need to do any of that. I have found that having planned a route in "My Drive" on either a PC or an Android tablet you just click the prominent "Send Stops" under the list of waypoints ("stops") and it is sent to the navigation app. It can also be saved. Once accepted into the nav. app and in "Drive" mode, a touch on the route brings up a "Route to" pop-up menu which contains an entry "Manage stops". Touching this reveals a further pop-up which includes ""Add to my route". This saves the route in "My routes". Not very intuitive! I think a big problem is that this new version does not seem to be documented yet. (The current user manual is for Version 1.0 and the current version is 3.1!) When it is, I am sure these instructions will be included!
  • TTukuserTTukuser Posts: 9 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks for that. It's all a bit of a mess presently.

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