This device is useless because it will not net me specify the alternate route?

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I do not want to go the route specified. It will not let me specify which road to take or not take?? It is going in the trash can shortly!

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  • Lochfrass
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    Wich satnav did you own? A Go Discover?

    As a workaround you can plan a route.
    Then zoom into the map and tap for 2 seconds on a road that you want to travel.
    A Popup should appear "add Stop". Then a route will recalculate with your road.

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    Ok thanks. TomTom Go 620, Model No. 4PN60. Since Tom Tom does not answer their phone, I assume there is no way to contact them. The method described above does not work, or is too laborious to keep trying. Instead when we ask for alternate route, SW should then ask what road we do not and do want in new route...missing that it is just too much trouble to use this GPS.
    Thanks again!