Suggestions for phone versions

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I would like to give some feed back.

1: more text to speech options like speed limit exceeding, speed checks camera ect, tomtom amigo got them all except when you exceed speed limit so why laid version does bot have this is weird. Basicly everything you got a warning for should have option for sound or text to speech version.

2: dashcam alot of navigation apps have this for paid navigation this should be a thing.

3: change color of the arrow and road you navigating. Make a circle with all colors and let us pick a color?

4: the menu is horrible to navigatie trough. Its worst design I ever saw.

Giving tomtom a go again after many years of other apps these 4 things added can bring me back be full time user again.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Azons

    Sorry about the delayed response and thank you for the feedback! I'll forward this to my product team.

    Regards, lampard